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How to make Fondant? Easily!

8th December 2011

How to make Fondant? Easily!

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My Fondant Recipe is the star of all my recent posts, that’s because I keep getting mails from readers that tried my Fondant Recipe.

This is a short post just to share a few of the recent pictures I received, thank you all for sending me pictures, I’ll do my best to post your pictures as soon as I get them.

Karenda sent me this picture, her first time to try my fondant recipe:

Fondant Recipe - by Karenda

Karenda's Fondant Cake using my Fondant Recipe

I think it’s great for first attempt, Fondant Shapes, smooth covering and great coloring on the stars. You can read my coloring post to learn how to color fondant.

Erica sent me a picture of her first attempt with fondant recipe; she is very pleased with the results and she have every reason to be so:

Ericka's fondant cake

Fondant Recipe - Ericka's Fondant cake

It’s a smooth, beautifully shaped and colored cake, if that what you got on your first attempt I can’t wait to see your future cakes!

Last but not least is Stephanie that used my fondant recipe to prepare a fondant cake for her son’s 2nd birthday. Here’s what she wrote:

Thanks so much!  I have shred your recipe already and my friend (that bakes regularly) used it last weekend also.  We both love it!

My cake may not be perfect but in my house cake comes from a box and frosting comes from a can.  After a terrible experience for my son’s first birthday, we will make our own cake from now on.  It hurt to spend $100 on an ugly cake.  My cake may not have been perfect but it was great considering my limited cooking/baking/decorating skills.

After reading her mail, reading about her limited cooking skills and the cake not being perfect, I was very surprised to see the cake she made:

Fondant Cake by Stephanie

Stephanie's Fondant cake

If you paid a 100$ for this cake it’d be a great deal! This is the kind of cakes you’d be happy to pay for in shops. It’s true that it can get A LITTLE better when it comes to the finishing touch, but I can assure you that my first fondant covered cake didn’t look that good!

I’m happy to get such pictures as it shows me that my fondant recipe is making people happy, you’re all welcome to try it and send me pictures of the cakes you made.

If you’re not sure which cake should be used as the base for this fondant recipe, you should try my fondant friendly cake recipe.

Happy Cooking :)

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